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We are a nature-loving family business located in the middle of the forest. With the birdfarm büngerheide we have set the breeding of parrots and alpacas as a new task in life. 
The species-appropriate and natural keeping of our animals is our most important concern. Have a look around!

Welcome to the birdfarm büngerheide

News from 2021


Our Aterrimus Goliath is developing splendidly since he is fed our own young food - based on fresh organic vegetables.

Arne - our sewing hook. He is the last Hya in our baby station of 5 offsprings from this year. Some just need a little longer.

4 lively Banks Raven Cockatoos keep us on our toes. Only at the end of November a 5th sibling from our flock was born.

Feel free to contact us with questions or interest

Winter wonder birdfarm


South America - Australia - Asia

Our parrots are native all over the world, so we adjust the 
housing conditions to the natural habitat of each animal.

Our vision

We keep parrots with the aim to contribute to the preservation of the endangered species by breeding them and to offer contra to the wild catch.

Our animals are - as far as nature allows - incubated and raised by the parents. If nature does not provide for parent rearing, the young birds are raised by hand and socialized at an early stage through the proximity of other young birds.

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