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The macaws of the birdfarm

With our farm we want to contribute to the conservation of these beautiful animals. We see natural living conditions, high-quality food and passion as the building blocks for our success. We look forward to questions, interest and any further contact.


Hyacinth macaw

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

A diet rich in fat and calories determines the success of this breed - our Hyas like banana and macadamia best. We regularly raise young birds in hand-rearing. Parent rearing remains challenging. However, we are sure that practice makes perfect - five little masters are already big.

Buffon´s macaw

Macaw ambiguus

We can now be proud of three breeding pairs. One of our pairs comes from a breed line from South Africa, which is rarely found in Europe. Our Buffon´s macaws are characterized by their balanced and calm character traits.


Red-fronted macaw

Macaw rubrogenys

A special feature of the birdfarm is that we keep our Red-fronted macaws in flocks. As far as we know, this is the 1st successful breeding in a swarm worldwide. In the 30m long aviary, our couples take great pride in raising their little ones themselves. The close-to-nature attitude - in the midst of rock faces and natural planting - keeps our animals healthy, active and lets their plumage shine. Our breeding pairs come from various bloodlines from all over Europe.

Blue-throated macaw

Ara glaucogularis

The Blue-throated macaw is one of the most threatened wild macaws. So far, 200-400 animals have been detected in Bolivia - north and south of Trinidad. Their habitat still covers approx. 2,500 km². We are very happy that we are breeding our blue-throated macaws with success. The animals are very efficient and are characterized by a strong gnaw drive, so that we always provide fresh branches and branches. 

Scarlet macaw


One of the most beautiful and well-known among the macaws. Our Einstein comes from hand-rearing and has been kept tame for a long time. With us he found his love, Curie. Nevertheless, he remains loyal to me, Nobby as his best friend, as the only person.

Blue-headed macaw

Primolius couloni

The Blue-headed macaw is also known as the Coulon's macaw. We, birdfarm senior and junior, were able to observe the animal in the wild on our trip through Peru - a rare experience.


We are there!

If you have any questions about breeding, keeping or nutrition, if you are interested in our young animals ...

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