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The species-appropriate breeding of parrots is our passion. It is said that the birdfarm maintains the most comfortable aviaries in Europe in terms of size, composition and planting.


Generous aviaries give our animals the opportunity to pursue their favorite activity - flying. 


Our aviaries are made of stainless steel and are equipped with natural stone walls as a natural mineral source. 


Our aviaries are stocked with fresh forage plants every week, which guarantee a balanced diet and activity.


We also do not neglect human affection if desired. However, some parrots live strictly monogamous and are most comfortable with their partner.

The birdfarm büngerheide

is an area of approx. 10 ha in the middle of the forest. The parrots are housed in natural enclosures. Each enclosure has its own planting island and is separated from the others by another planting strip. Depending on their behavior, the animals can see and hear each other or withdraw from the others.

The large enclosures are equipped with rock walls from the Altmühltal. To ensure optimal breeding success, all aviaries and nesting boxes are monitored and recorded by a camera system. At the same time, the complete monitoring of the entire area of the birdfarm büngerheide is guaranteed.

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