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Food plants

The birdfarm büngerheide with its food plants is not only a paradise for our parrots, it is also a real Eldorado for local birds.


Growing fodder plants yourself

Our stock includes many wild berries such as mountain ash, cornel cherry, sea buckthorn, firethorn, elder and rose hips. We received all imaginable old fruit trees from a fruit press friend we could think of (e.g. purple cousinot, red boskop, Freiherr von Berlepsch, Eifeler Rambour, Ontario, Clapps Liebling, Kaiserbirne, mirabelle plums, plums, quinces). 

A walnut avenue is also part of our portfolio. Our own harvest is fed fresh seasonally or stored in our own cold store. This enables us to provide our animals with unsprayed fruit and berries all year round.

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