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Our motivation

A simple animal wish our children aroused our interest in parrots, macaws and parakeets. With more knowledge about these fascinating animals, a passion quickly developed and after a few years a farm for endangered birds. 

We also take a holistic view of species protection and participate in organizations and associations that protect the home areas of these animals from destruction - because without a home, no residents.

Our work is our passion and drive for every new day. It makes us see challenges as opportunities and to achieve new goals. 

Washington Convention on Endangered Species 

One of the most effective instruments for combating species loss has become the Washington Convention on the Protection of Species (English: CITES,, which regulates the trade in endangered animal and plant species. 172 states have acceded to this convention, including all 27 EU member states. The Washington Convention on Endangered Species currently includes around 8,000 animal and 40,000 plant species.


Hundreds of animal species are exterminated worldwide every year because their habitats are being destroyed by the dramatic human interventions. The aim of species protection is to preserve the diversity of life as an important legacy for future generations. The protection of a species necessarily also affects the preservation of the natural habitat: this is where nature and species protection merge.

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